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Time Management in the New Year

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We've probably all heard the old saying "make hay while the sun shines" right? Well as a life long procrastinator I have come across it a few times but it never really stuck. I have always been the girl with the big dreams and the short attention span and no matter how many times I throw myself into a project whole heartedly; it never fails that I squander opportunities in favor of another unimportant task and fail to see any of said projects to completion. For example: I am a big fan of organization but it would be hard to draw that conclusion based on my apparent inability to organize anything at all and the constant state of disarray in my life in general. Let's use my cattle barn for example. I will spend day after day all year long rearranging things in favor of creating a more "efficient environment" but with my interests torn in so many other directions I was unable to complete the new hoop house for poultry that I had planned for last year or spend the time growing and developing our flock. With the current state of the egg market a few more chickens and a better facility could have really come in handy right about now. Oh and guess what? The barn projects were never finished either. So there you have it. An example of two half finished projects and a missed opportunity. Classic me. Rather than bore you with more examples (trust me I have plenty) I will just assume that you get the point and proceed to tell you my New Years resolution. Are you ready for it?


It doesn't seem like a difficult resolution unless you are like me and you have ADHD and even though you love love love to make lists you never are able to follow through on anything. This year I am going to take a new approach. I made a chart for each month of this year and allotted time to the most important tasks such as haying, milling, splitting firewood, planting the gardens, etc. then I am breaking out smaller tasks or tasks that are optional based on our available time and financial capability as well as seasonal advantages. The last thing I want to do is live my life glued to a schedule and I do believe spontaneity is the spice of life. I wouldn't dream of giving up the random days spent at the lake or road trips to the coast. That being said I hope to create an excess by budgeting my time more wisely so that those days can be even more frequent and less stressful because I "made my hay when the sun shone" and I can just relax without the guilt of unfinished projects looming on my horizon. Here's to a brand new year and some new plans. Happy New Year everyone!

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