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 Here on Bellarose Farm we raise a variety of poultry including multiple breeds of chickens and Buff ducks for hatching and table eggs. We also raise Belted Galloway and Jersey cross cattle for milk and beef production ,Saanen/Sable dairy goats for milk, pigs for pork, and of course our Golden Retriever dogs.


Golden Retriever Puppies

Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming litters


Grass Fed Beef

We stock a variety of state inspected burger, roasts, and steaks in our store. 


Saanen/Sable Goat Kids

Watch for our spring ads or contact us to reserve a doeling or buckling


Pastured Pork

Stop into our store or keep an eye on our Facebook page for availability.


Belted Galloway Crosses

Contact us if you are looking to add hardy grass fed animals to your homestead



We raise and sell a few breeds such as French Maran and Easter Egger and have table eggs by the dozen availabe in our store.

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