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These little candles are made with real beeswax which we have found to be a healthier alternative to soy candles. On a commercial scale, soy is a more popular medium than beeswax for candle making because it is cheaper to purchase in large quantities and is more efficient at holding artificial fragrances. Soy however does not possess the natural superpowers of beeswax. When burning beeswax alone, it emits negative ions into the air which neutralize particles such as dust, pollen, and odors thereby purifying the air we breathe while producing a faint honey like scent. These candles have an exceptionally long burn time for their size and though we have conservatively labeled them at 15 hours, we have had them last over 18 hours in our home. They are made with a natural cotton wick and are packaged in recycled glass jars and each candle comes with a small honeybee charm.

Little Honeypot Candles

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