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These all natural, lye based soaps produce a rich lather without the use of sulfates and we never use artificial dyes, parabins, or phalates. Our specially formulated soap recipe was created nearly ten years ago by a mother concerned for her child’s sensitive skin. It worked so well that our entire family stopped buying chemical laden commercial soaps and we have never looked back. Every batch is mixed by hand, hand cut, then aged for five weeks allowing the lye to cure and the bars to harden. This process creates a long lasting bar that will leave you feeling clean with no filmy residue. We know you are going to love these luxuriously foaming natural soaps!

Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap

  • Keep out of eyes and mouth to avoid irritation and store your soap in a shower caddy or soap dish that provides drainage. This will help your bar to last as long as possible.

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