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Bellarose Farm

Come visit our self-serve farm store!
Open daily 8 A.M. till sunset 

Potato Blossom
Sunset Sky
Ripe Cherries
Winter Sunset
Golden Comet Hen
Deep Red Roses Along the Split Rail Fence
Setting up the produce stand
Sun behind the clouds
Pumpkin patch

Who We Are

Years before the physical property was purchased, our family had created a name for our future farm. Bellarose is a combination of the names of our first two large animals (Arabian horses Lana Belle "Bella" and Rosie "Rose"). Our horses were only the beginning of our adventure and the desire to continue growing and raising more animals ultimately led to the difficult decision to leave our home on a three acre piece of land that had been in our family for generations. We looked at many different properties in many different towns across central Maine and finally settled on our current location which fortunately ended up being right in our own hometown. It wasn't exactly an ideal location to begin a new farm. The pastures were overgrown, the old farmhouse was gone along with the barn and any real trace of the farm that used to be.  Against all that is logical, something drew us to this place and we knew that it would be Bellarose Farm. We moved here in 2008 and since then we have worked tirelessly to build what we have here today. Our goals have evolved and our family has grown since our rocky beginning but the main focus has remained the same. We are striving to rebuild an American family farm and use the products we create here to share our passion for the land and the animals that we care for.

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